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  • GNAQ/11 Mutations in Uveal Melanoma: Is YAP the Key to Targeted Therapy?

    Matthew G. Field, J. William Harbour

    Cancer Cell, 6, 25, pages 714 - 715

    Editor's comments:
    By Prof. Reinhard Dummer: Finally a target for the treatment of Uveal melanoma? Ocular melanomas are the most common malignancy of the eye. Approximately 50% of the effected individuals metastasize most commonly in the lever. In contrast to other melanomas ocular melanomas do not present mutations for BRAF or RAS. However they present inactivating mutations for GNAQ and GNA11, which result in increased activity of protein kinase C and the MAP kinase pathway and as now described the hippo tumor suppresser pathway including the phosphorylation of YAP. The YAP inhibitor verteporfin together with protein kinase C and MEK inhibitors might be a promising approach for this difficult to treat malignancy.


    - Field MG et al., Cancer Cell 2014;25:714-715

    - Feng X et al., Cancer Cell 2014;25:831-845

    - Yu FX et al., Cancer Cell 2014;25:822-830

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