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Update on primary mucosal melanoma

Joselin D. Tacastacas, Julie Bray, Yoon K. Cohen, Joshua Arbesman, Julian Kim, Henry B. Koon, Kord Honda, Kevin D. Cooper, Meg R. Gerstenblith

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Available online 6 May 2014

Editors' comments:
This is a comprehensive review that provides a broad overview on the mucosal melanoma, starting with the pathologic characterization, the complexity of the surgical and medical up to new targeted therapies that are currently the subject of extensive research.

Mucosal melanomas are aggressive cancers of mucosal surfaces with clinical and pathologic characteristics distinct from cutaneous melanomas, warranting different staging systems and treatment approaches. Surgical resection is performed frequently for the primary tumor, although the utility of lymph node surgery and radiation therapy is not established. Therapies targeted against C-KIT activating mutations, identified in many mucosal melanomas, are emerging as promising treatments.