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Editors of the Melanoma Resource Centre

The Role of the Editor

The editors of the Advances in Melanoma Resource Centre are appointed on the recommendation of the journal’s Editor Team, led by Editor-in-Chief, Alexander M. M. Eggermont. Professor Dummer, Dr. Ascierto and Dr. Larkin select journal articles that have been previously peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in the EJC and other oncology and dermatology journals on melanoma and related topics, building a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed content in this area.

The editorial independence of the resource centre is of the utmost importance.
The journal articles and other material published on the resource centre have been selected solely by Professor Dummer and Dr. Ascierto, independently and without influence from Elsevier or the sponsor.


  • Professor Reinhard G. Dummer

    Professor Dummer is Vice-Chairman of the Department of Dermatology and Head of the Skin Cancer Unit at the University Hospital of Zürich.

    In 1992 he achieved the Board certification in Dermatology and in 2004 the Board certification in Allergology and Clinical Immunology, as well as the Board certification in Dermatopathology.

  • Dr. James Larkin

    Dr James Larkin, FRCP PhD is a Medical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of patients with cancer of the kidney and cancers of the skin, including melanoma.

    Dr Larkin took a first in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and undertook clinical training at Oxford University, qualifying in 1996.

  • Dr. Paolo A. Ascierto

    Dr. Paolo A. Ascierto is Director at the Unit of Melanoma, Cancer Immunotherapy and Innovative Therapy, National Tumor Institute ‘Fondazione G. Pascale’, in Naples, Italy.

    Dr. Ascierto graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1990 from the University of Naples. In 1994 he was Board certified in Oncology.

Members of the Advisory Board

  • Professor Dirk Schadendorf

    Dirk Schadendorf is the Director of the Department of Dermatology and the West German Cancer Center (WTZ) at the University Hospital Essen.





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